1. Contestant must reside in the Atlantic Provinces and be a permanent resident of Canada with no pending criminal charges. Those under 19 require parental consent.

2. Contestant may not participate in any other local singing competition while participating as a contestant on “Maritime Idol” nor enter into any commercial or sponsorship agreement or arrangement with any person, firm or company in respect to their appearance in the Program, save and except as directed or approved by the Producer.

3. Contestant agrees to perform live without expectation of financial compensation while a contestant of “Maritime Idol” and that all materials produced during this competition (audio and video files) are now and will remain the property of M.I. Productions.

4. Contestant agrees that their picture and performances can be used by M.I. Productions and/or any sub-agent for promotional purposes and to freely and willingly make themselves available for media interviews as directed by the Producer.

5. Contestant agrees (unless otherwise pre-arranged with the Producer) to attend all stages of the competition if applicable, or (if a winner) forfeit all prizes and be evicted from the competition. Winners are only entitled to prizes if they fulfill the conditions of this contract which in part requires them to participate in all events and competitions until the end of the current competition year. (I.e.. If you drop out of the competition while still a forerunner you forfeit all prizes.)

6. Contestants agrees that their conduct and language will be appropriate and always cognizant of the “Family Show” atmosphere of the competition and to be respectful of one another at all times and that disharmonious behavior will result in eviction from the competition without any legal recourse or financial compensation.

7. The Producer shall not be liable to the contestant or legal representative for any loss or damage or injury to the contestant or their property caused by or suffered during or in connections with taking part in the program.

8. The Producer reserves the right to cancel at anytime one or all competitions in the event of a general lack of interest from the public, contestants, or sponsors.