More than just a Singing Competition!

Open to SINGERS of all ages from across the Maritimes!

A great program to improve your singing and performance skills, get exposure, build self confidence, improve self esteem, and make new friends! Win a 10-12 song cd recording/electronic distribution and other sponsored prizes!


Contestants perform in a local competition held in various locations throughout the Maritime Provinces, two songs of their choice with backing tracks or a musical instrument over a four week period following a different genre each week. Song choices are submitted prior to each week of competition. As long as songs are available in karaoke style, Maritime Idol will provide backing tracks. There is a monitor with the words for weeks 1 to 3 however, from week 4 on through the remainder of the competition, there is no monitor. The audience picks favourite with results to represent 50% of the vote and assign a ranking. Performances are video taped and put online for voting with results to represent the other 50% (one vote per IP address per day).

Performances are videotaped and put online for voting for 50%. The other 50% is from the live voting at the venue each week so be sure to invite your friends and family (there is a cover charge Students $5 Adults $7).

Online and live ranking results are combined each week. All 4 weeks rankings are accumulated to determine the 4 moving on to Stage 2 - The Regionals - to face the judges so you must do well in all 4 weeks. Week 4 is live vote only and at the end of the show, we will announce the top 4 moving on.

From this point forward voting is now 50% judges ranking combined with 25% advance online ranking (based on a previous performance video) and 25% live audience ranking.

STAGE 2 REGIONALS Meet the Judges

Three to four groups of weekly winners from each region participate in individual regionals. A panel of judges critique performances. Approximately half move on to the next stage.

STAGE 3 QUARTER FINALS Make the top 18

The competition gets stiffer as groups who advanced from various regionals now attempt to make the top 18 from the two quarter finals who will release a cd of the

“Best of Maritime Idol 2014 – TOP 18!”


The Top 18 perform over a 4 week period, with at least one week with the live Maritime Idol Band! Separate rankings from each week are combined and the final week the winner is awarded the title of

“Maritime Idol !”

Along with a 10-12 song cd recording/electronic distribution as well as other sponsored prizes!

In order to help defray costs, there is a registration fee of $25 . If you  cannot afford this fee, please contact us privately at


Season 8 has begun click here to register !