Competition Format

To become an eligible contestant, you first must agree to the "Terms and Conditions" of the competition by registering online.

Our auditions/competitions consist of 4 nightly competitions held over a 4 week period in each town and/or venue. The same contestants audition all 4 weeks for the general public (both live and on the internet). Each contestant performs 2 songs per evening (Karaoke style, with sound tracks and words on a screen or accompanying themself with a musical instrument) following these pre determined genres:

Week 1 - 2 songs of their choice

Week 2 - 2 Pop songs

Week 3 - 2 Country songs

Week 4 - 1 or 2 Rock & Roll songs or 1 rock 1 Ballad

At least one song each week must be relatively fast.

We do this in this way for the entertainment value for the audience but also to give the contestants an opportunity to both explore for themselves possible new genres of music that they have not performed before and to display their musical adaptability.

Audience members help decide who will advance to the regionals to represent their school and/or community by writing voting for their favorite on the back of their admission ticket ($5 for students, $7 for adults). As before, 20% of the gate receipts will remain with the school and/or community facility if held in such. The rankings from the live votes are then added to the ranking from the online voting from our website .

The following week the contestant, with the highest combined ranking (live and online) is announced and that contestant is then guaranteed a spot in the Regionals.



Note: Once contestants move on to Regionals or higher, they are no longer allowed to view the words of the songs on monitors. There is no monitors from this point forward.

The performances of the contestants moving on to the regionals will be placed online for regional pre-voting. The general public will be given time to vote online for their favorites.

At the Regionals, which is held at a central location as much as possible, contestants will perform now in front of a panel of judges who will constructively critique each performance and will be responsible for 50% of the scoring; the other 50% coming from the totals of online and in-house (day of performance) voting.


The Top 18 will record the best of  MAritime Idol 2014 !

The winner of the Year End ,our Maritime Idol 2014 will get the opportunity to record a 10- 12 song cd and will also receive misc. prizes as offered by sponsors. These prizes and their sponsors will be displayed on our website as they become available prior to the year end finals.

We look forward to discovering the talent in your school or community!