Once past the audition level, you will be judged on:

Vocal Ability – in tune, breathing, projection, styling, clarity with lyrics

Musical Ability – overall performance, vocal dynamics, originality, range

Image – song selection suits image, professionalism, clothing, hairstyle, posture

Stage Presence – movement, eye contact, concentration, microphone technique, fun/enjoyable

Crowd Response – capture crowd’s interest

Inter-action with band (if applicable).

50% public 50% judges

Meet the Judges

During the auditions/competitions the attending voting public and the Internet public are the judges but once contestants move on to the Regionals they face a panel of judges who represent 50% of the vote.

Regionals normally consist of schools or venues within the same district that would choose their best to send to the semi-finals (all the Maritimes).

The following formula is used by the judges:

Using score sheets per individual contestant, they judge based on vocals, eye contact, stage presence, entertainment value, etc.

Contestants are assigned a ranking from each judge (to represent 50%) which is then combined with their online ranking (25%) and the live ranking (25%). 1 is the 1st 2 is second...etc. Rankings are combined and those with the lowest (best) ranking move on to the next stage.

We find this to be the fairest formula possible.

At the Regional, the top performers move on to the quarter-finals. As many as seven others may also move on. How many move on depends on how many competitions were running that month.

The contestants who advance from the quarter finals get a guaranteed place in the year end finale for at the very least a recording contract for the Best of Maritime Idol - Top 18.

Here are some of our judges :

Krysta J - Music Director and afternoon host K94 5

Rob Sakell from Tunes on Tap

Francelle Maria - performer and semi finalist in Canada's Got Talent

Terry Parker - Morning Show Host 103.9 Max FM

Heidi Ellis - Maritime Idol Winner 2008