We are often asked questions like "What is Maritime Idol about?" "Will I become a big star if I win Maritime Idol?" "Why does the competition last a whole year? " and many more questions.

I will attempt to explain it all in one clean sweep. Maritime Idol is about having fun. We have no idea if one of our winners will eventually make it to the top (they sure deserve it though)!

Much like the NHL, the top in this industry is reserved for a very few. 100's of thousands of kids participate in organized hockey in Canada every year yet only a few dozen make it to the NHL every year.

The winner of Maritime Idol has financing made available for the production of a cd.

We use pre-recorded sound tracks for the covers portion and record the winner in a studio .

The winners cd consists of at least 6 covers as well as 6 possible originals .  We use soundtracks for our covers because they're big band productions that cannot be matched by a small band. We record 6 cover songs as they are more likely to be sought out in today's new online music stores such as Itunes. The mass population will not be searching for an original titled (example) "I live in Moncton" but they might be searching for "Gunpowder & Lead" as demonstrated by our 2008 Maritime Idol - Heidi Ellis who, for the first few months of her cd release on Itunes sold over 400 songs each month of her rendition of this song, even though her album was competing directly with Miranda Lambert. Her version of Everytime We Touch" has sold hundreds of copies in the Itunes - Italy. Heidi has sold songs all over Europe, Australia even Japan as well as Canada and the United States of course.

The competition is long and fierce (talent wise) and most years we go through hundreds  of participants (that's how we find the best out there)!

Maritime Idol is also about giving our Maritime Talent exposure. Our youtube channel has now surpassed 1.9 million views. We now have our own MiTube.pro that we upload all our videos to and our bvast library of karaoke songs can also be found on this site !

Though, like any competition, we have our detractors , we believe we are one of the fairest competition of this kind. We utilize a combination of Internet voting, judges and public attendance voting.

Finally, as I mentionned at the onset Maritime Idol is about having fun. A lot of our competitors enter the competition with big dreams (like my 2 sons in hockey,lol), they get the opportunity to sing on stage in front of an audience, they get the opportunity to have their videos placed on the Internet for all to see and they get the opportunity to dream their dream.

Ron Pomerleau


Maritime Idol